1) Separate each Cotton Boll-Improves Ginning Productivity.
2) Inbuilt Dust & Trash Collection-May avoid further Cleaning Process.
3) Extra smooth working -Noiseless.
4) Heavy Duty,Long Life Design- Negligible Maintenance Cost.
5) Engineered Structure- Safe, Easy to Clean & Long Life.
6) Special Spike Rollers & are Dynamically balanced -Increase in durability of moving parts & Structure.
7) Out Put can be Controlled thru inbuilt 'VFD'-Suitable for Varied Quality of Seed Cotton.
8) Simple installation & Operation -Less cost of installation,No need of skilled operator.
9) Extendable Capacity to Store Seed Cotton- Storage can be increased.
11) Control Panel (CP)
a) In-built Operating Logic.
b) Photo Sensor to Control the damages to Machine.
c) Speed Variation thru inbuilt 'VFD'
d) Speed Selection thru Front 'SELECTOR'
e) Ingress Protection IP-55
f) Fire Retardant wires.
g) Reputed make Controllers.
h) Overload & Short Circuit Protection.
i) Powder Coated 'CP' Box.


1) Hopper Size-
     a) Model -THF 24 - 7315 mm L X 1220 mm W x 1416mm H.
     b) Model -THF 32 -  9753 mm L X 1220 mm W x 1416 mm H.     
2) Feeding Rollers:
     a) Spike Diameter-20mm
     b) Roller Diameter-220mm
     c) Roller Thikness-3.5mm
     d) Spike - One piece
      e) Roller- Dyanamically Balanced
      f) Shaft Dia -50mm
3) Anti Jamming Roller-1200 mm X 1 No
4) Impactor Grid with Dust Collection Box.-To remove trash & immature boll.
5) Rubber Belt Endless-1220 mm X 3 Ply. Nylon X 8mm thick.
6) Driving Roller-Rubber Coated.
7) Bearings--Extra Heavy Duty,Dust & Water Proof,Reputed make.
8) Control Panel-Proven Design with VFD
9) Electric Motor -
    a) 5HP,960 RPM,132 S Frame,Foot Mounted.
    b) 1 HP,1440 RPM,80L Frame,Flange Mounted."
10) Transmission-
    a) Gear Box-Trans Matix Model No.4050,Ratio-840:87,Shaft 50mm.
    b)  Drive-.-Tyre Coupling F110.
    c) V Belt-B-56 ( 02 Nos.)