1) Hot & Homogeneous mixture of air & Steam is injected in Lint - Maintain Moisture Percentage in Bale.
2) Several Option for Boiler Fuel like Wood/Coal,Light Diesel,Fuel Oil,Gas -Flexibility in Fuel use.
3) Cyclone provided in Wood fired Boiler - Removes dust particles.
4) 'Closed Loop' Electronic system Controls Moisture in the Lint at 'SET' Value-  Ease Controlled of Lint Bale Moisture.
5) Full insulated mixture Panel & Lint Slide - Reduce Heat Losses.
6) Rotary Filter with stainless Steel wire mesh  - Recirculation of air.
7) Auto drain sysytem - Removes Condense water
8) Use Stainless steel in Blower & Mixture Panel -Longer Life
9) Electronic Control use for Feed Water - Maintain
10) Very low electric cost per bale - Reduce Production cost.


Type Of Boiler :- Horizontal Type Packaged Dry Back Internal Furnace

Legth Overall :- 2000mm
Diameter Pressure :-1300 mm
Design Pressure :- 10.54 kg/cm3
Intended Working Pressure :- 10.54 kg/cm3
Total Heating Surface :- 20 mtr2
Final Temperature of Steam (Design)- 186o C
Grate Area :- 1.13 mtr2
Water Consumption :- 600 Kgs./hr.
Fuel Consumption :- 130 Kgs./hr.