1) The enclosure is fabricated is fabricated from 'CRCA' Sheet Steel.- Longer Life.
2) Liberal Design ,Uses of Computerised sysytem from design,manufacturing up to testing-Increase Reliability In Operation
3) The fabrication is done on CNC turret punch press -Better accuracies & aesthetic.
4) The welding is done on CO2 Welding/Spot Welding - Better Strength.
5) The internal wiring is done by multi standard PVC flexible wires,terminated by lugs - Increase safty of equipment.
6) PVC ferrules are used for marking of Cabels - it is helpful in fault finding procedure for the electrician.
7) Use Reputed make Swich gear components - For Safe & trouble free operation.


Main AC Input - 415 v,TPN , 50Hz.
a) Power-2.5 Sq. mm & Above
b) Control - 1.5 Sq. mm.
c) PLC - 0.75 Sq. mm.
d) PVC - Multi Stand Flexible."
a) In -comer -Overload ,Short Circuit & Eart Leakage.
b)Outgoing Starters - Thermal Overload & Short Circuit.
c) Control Transformers - 415 v / 230 v AC.
d) MCB for Control Supply in each feeder.
Metering & Indications a) Phase Indicating Lamps.
b) MCCB with On /Off/ Trip Mechanical Indications.
c) Multi function Meter for Voltage ,Cutter , Power ,KWH at In-Comer.
d) On / Trip Indicating Lamp for Feeders.
Ambient Temperature :- 50  C
Installation :- For Indoor Use ,Floor Mountng, Free Standing ,Cable Entry .
From Bottom Colour , RAL 7032 ,Siemens Grey Powder Coated.