1) Oil Immersed Gear Box- Low Friction , Minimum Wear & Tear , High Durability of Moving Parts & Bearings.
2) Heavy Duty Helical Gears-High Contact Ratio,Longer Contact between Gears, Wider Gear Teeth ,Gradual Teeth Loading , Substantially Less Vibration , Noiseless Running, Longer Working Life ,Remarkably Low Consumption of Electric Power.
3) Total Quality Control- Very High Performance with Minimum Maintenance ,Interchangeability of Parts.
4) Standardization of Parts- Faster Delivery ,Low Cost of Spares Parts.
5) Robust C.I.Frame with widen Base-Minimum Vibration.
6) Properly Treated Alloy Steel Material for Most of the Moving Parts-Longer Life ,Better Performance.
7) Extra Smooth Working & appropriate overall Design.- High Quality Lint, Staple Characteristics are fully Protected , Higher Price For Lint in international Market.
8)Simplicity in Construction :- Ease Of Operation & Minimum Maintenance.
9) Longer Working Life :- Reduction of Long Term Capital Investment.
10) Parts Manufactured on High Precision CNC Machines:-Perfect Fitment of Moving Parts.Consistent high Quality of Machine.Longer Life.
11) ""Incorporated"" Auto Feeder.-Contains Feeding of ""Loosened"" Seed Cotton to Gin Machine.Reduce Manpower Required for Feeding.
12) Even Distribution of Seed Cotton along the Length:-Increase Productivity to the Gin Machine,Uniform & Slow Wear of the ""Knives"" & Rolls.
13) Availability of the Trash Box :- Trash Removal is Automatic.
14) Tilting arrangement for Auto Feeder:- Ease of Maintenance
15) Wide Acceptance ( In all cotton Producing States in India & Many Countries of Africa)- Ease Availability of Trained Operators & Spares Parts.


DR Gin Operating Speed- 1000 RPM
Auto-Feeder Operating Speed-40 RPM
Flat Length - 1372 mm
Foundation Bolts Position - 762 mm x 1473 mm
Lint Productivity - 60-95 Kgs./hr.
Seed Cotton Processing Capcity - 180 - 285 Kgs./hr. Driving 'V' Belts For DR Gin Machine- 'B' Section x 2 Nos. Driving 'V' Belts For Auto- Feeder -'A' Section x 2 Nos.
Bearing in DR Gin Machine - 20 Nos.
Bearing In Auto Feeder - 10 Nos.
Gears - Helical
Induction Motor (Optional) - TEFC,5 HP, 1440 RPM, 132 S Frame, Foot Mounted ,3 phase, 440 V, 50 Cycles.
Motor Pulley Diameter- Double Groove 152-159mm."