Proven Products

  • Big Product basket
  • Growing Group
  • Firm belief & Practice for Quality Products, Processes & Systems
  • Long Manufacturing Experience
  • Supplies in domestic & overseas countries
  • Strategic Location
  • Repetitive Customers
  • State of the art manufacturing facility
  • System Oriented Company
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Professional Management
  • Experience in mass production
  • Ethical Business Organization
  • Technically qualified & experienced teams


The manufacturing facilities for all the products are available in house which ensures high quality consistently.

1. Foundry - The modern foundry is equipped with Induction & Cupola furnace, Core Baking, Die casting, Ladle pouring in CO2 moulds and Shot Blasting.

2. High Precision machining - Machining centres – VMC & HMC, Turning centres, CNC Gear Hibbing, Gear Teeth Profile Grinding, Knife Grinding, Broaching, Thread Rolling and Special Purpose Machines accomplish the high precision machining JADHAO Gears

3. High Precision Sheet Metal -The ‘state of the art’ sheet metal fabrication is carried out with CNC Turret Punch, CNC LASER Cutting, CNC Bending, CNC Press Brakes, MIG, TIG & Spot Welding machines.

4. Painting & Powder Coating-The surface Preparation by ‘7-tank’ Phosphate & Shot blasting. Powder Coating & Painting with requisite Oven baking plants.

5. Fabrication - The heavy fabrication is accomplished by High Definition CNC Plasma & Gas Profile cutting, CO2 welding machines, Plano-miller of 8 m long & Lathe of 8 m bed length.

6. Heat Treatment – Gas Carburizing, Stress Relieving, Tempering.

7. Automatic Roll Forming – In-Line PLC Controlled Panel Making, De-coiler, Forming, Embossing, Punching, Shearing.

8. Spot & Seam Welding - Single & Multisport Welding, Dual Seam.

9. Robotic Welding – Six Axes Robotic Welding.

10. Inspection & Calibration –CMM, Spectrometer, Chemical & Physical Parameters Inspections, Gear Lead & Profile tester, Gauges Calibration.


Group's Core Values

Customer focus: We value our relationships and aim to make them last for a lifetime. We work towards a “win-win” situation- to help grow lasting and beneficial partnerships.

Committed and Responsive: We understand that commitment and right response to the customer are two important steps to long lasting Customer relationships. We believe in offering quick and accurate customer

Always striving to develop more Committed & Responsive Community of Employees, Distributors & Vendors.

Freedom of thoughts: We believe that every individual is different and has a different role to play in a greater scheme of tasks. We encourage the diversity in thought and culture, and believe that diversity is a motivator for betterment of an organization.

Embrace growth & productivity thru Cooperation, Collaboration, innovation & entrepreneurship.

Growth and Productivity: We believe in achieving growth and productivity through innovation and Communicate openly & demonstrate integrity in all our activities.

Demonstrate passion for performance thru anticipation, Speed & flexibility.

Passion: We believe that nothing Great in the world has been accomplished without Passion. We demonstrate passion for performance through anticipation, speed and Flexibility in our working.

Protect our environment & contribute to society around us. Environment and society friendly: We believe that when we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.

We believe in protecting the environment and contributing to the society around us.